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  • Thanks @ArborRose . So yes, I didn't know it was that easy in the ETL. Basically I wanted to use the API endpoint to partition the way Workbench does. I wanted to push data into Domo and if there was overlapping data, for it not to be duplicated. Also, if there was additional data, to append. So now what I am doing to…
  • Thank you @ArborRose for the answer. I will then use the replace daily and use partitioning on the MagicETL.
  • Ok, so the data is 500k rows for 1 day. For Domo, would this be considered too much to keep? Or should this be summarized? I really want to keep as close to original data as possible.
  • Yes, it does. Here is the error: Failed to append data. Status code: 404 Response body: {"status":404,"statusReason":"Not Found","path":"/v1/datasets/65ed1f73-c0c7-498d-8c91-75bc445f229a/data/append","toe":"H4JO5HQ84R-BH64P-3O5VA"}
  • Yes, I tried this, but not getting the results that I would have hoped for.
  • Thanks @ArborRose . How then do I discard the previous data?
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  • Thanks everyone for your contribution. I have started using partitioning and it works great. However, I have another problem. When I download just 3 days of data, it's 2.6M rows, which is huge. I am thinking, if there is a way to build an ETL that can aggregate this data maybe every week or month if needed, or daily, store…
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  • Thanks Mark, I am using WorkBench.
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  • thank you for this, very helpful. So, what if the data looked like this? If I did this with the partition, it would pick up the last disconnect date? I would only want to see the difference between the dates between disconnect and reconnect. id | status | date 1 | disconnect | april 4 1 | reconnect | april 7 2 | disconnect…
  • Thank you for this Mark. I meant using a fuzzymatch type of algorithm. For example, if I wanted to match 'Michael' and Mihcael'. Thanks for the youtube list! Much of these will be helpful to me.
  • i want the 4,5,6 number as the first 3 are the area code. But I guess what i wanted to know is…. when i run this, does it look just at the line or look at the whole column of nxx?
  • Can I answer awesome 10 times? Thank you so much Mark. This was truly helpful and thanks for making a video so it is even clearer.
  • I don’t think I explained well enough. I want to show in visualization dates on an x axis and a count of active services on the y. This would be a line chart. Unfortunately now there is just a start and stop date. How can I visualize this? i think I need to find a way to show the months each account is active.
  • It's strange. I authenticated but it's still not showing up. I made sure I am in the workbench user policy as well.
  • Thanks so much for the great advice on solving this issue! I will look into using Magic 2.0.