miken12r Domo Employee


  • We've done a lot of work with our search feature, so now you can search users for "Admin." We don't yet have a specific search for roles, but we're working on that too. 
  • we don't currently have a "presensce" indicator outside of Buzz. However, we are working on a session management feature that will show a list of logged in, active users. This is anticipated as an administrative feaure -- are you looking for more of a presence feature for all your users? 
  • I've requested the "vlookup" feature, as well -- and for exactly the same scenario. Had to use dataflows in the meantime, which works great but I'd still prefer to do this in beastmode when available. will definitely push the product team on this. thx for the feedback! 
  • The global search function (magnifying glass at the top of the page) can be somewhat helpful here, particularly if you include "Admin" in people's title on their profile. We continue to improve the search feature and we're also implementing some bulk administration features that will also help. This is an important idea,…
  • To add a user to a group, the user first needs an account in your Domo instance. For security reasons, invitations to your instance are controlled by a "whitelist" of authorized domain names. To add users from a different email domain, ask a person with Admin rights to add their domains to the Authorized Domains list.…