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  • just to add i am trying out Colemon's solution because i think that will work… i just feel like there should be a simpler solution than im seeing.
  • i have the numbers isolated through some text splitting but the issue im having is how it checks at the individual record level. Since the charge and reversal will never be on the same row i cant use = or like. In the example below are two changes i want to to remove both since the reversal has the same transaction ID of…
  • Did this work out for you i am going to set up a S3 connection soon and was wondering if i could set up something similar…
  • sure I'm curious about the connector bringing in other metadata or embedded info from Qualtrics. I believe the answer is I get what the connector spits out but I was looking for a way to add or have this extra data show up. One Example would be to bring in country. In my use case, we have Property listed in this data that…
  • Awesome thanks for the input! This should work. I wish i could have filled in data but its not a great source.
  • Just to update I had to make a different Row number to keep everything indexed I was working off using the rank and window by property but i made a constant and then ranked by the constant to keep the same indexing. Thank you agian this helped me out alot!
  • First off thank you for responding! This is a crafty why i would have not thought up. So I was able to input it with some small issues but I'm able to get output but it's not working the same way. The activities are not properly mapping to the choices. I am wondering if I did the Join's Wrong or if when it branches with…
  • So I was able to find my own solution by changing how the get request works and it included post date. With that, I can make it recursive without issue.
  • thanks for your input! I didn't think you could use an array of numbers for the In function I thought you had to use another column.
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  • thanks its always the simpler dropped text that I have problems with.
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