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  • Hello, I know this is an old thread, but perhaps someone is still reading. I would like my year to begin on 6/1 and week to begin on Saturday, and end Friday. I'm messing around in Beast Mode trying to get this to work. Here is what I have so far: WEEK(`INVOICE_DATE`,61)
  • Thanks for the clarification!
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, the 10m is static, but the gauge does not allow me to set the target as you pictured. I'm essentially missing a 'Series' option, which would then allow me to have the transaction type be my series, and then acheive the result I'm looking for. See attached for what I have to work with. Thanks!
  • @KVincent, thanks for your help. I had continued to investigate, and came up with this: case when `SHIP_DATE` >= '2014-06-01' and `SHIP_DATE` <= '2015-05-31' then 'FY15' when `SHIP_DATE` >= '2015-06-01' and `SHIP_DATE` <= '2016-05-31' then 'FY16' when `SHIP_DATE` >= '2016-06-01' and `SHIP_DATE` <= '2017-05-31' then 'FY17'…
  • Hello, I am in a very similar situation, but I have a column that already contains the URL. As of now, the URL is not clickable, so I need to make Domo recognize it as a hyperlink that can be clicked on. So I have a column named 'Link' which contains each row's URL. How can I use this column with Beast Mode to make these…