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  • That reply really doesn't help. When the timezone is set to UTC in Job Settings, Workbench adds 5 hours to my original datetime values IN THE PREVIEW. This screws up the Append to Existing Data Source option because now Workbench thinks the last datetime in the data is five hours later than what was uploaded previously. I…
  • I would also try changing your map to something like this: This setup produces a better map than even I had before and is more accurate at least to the zip code level. I'll have to work on the legend for the graph but that's a different topic. 
  • I've attached a screenshot of my latitude and longitude data when I put into a Sumo table (just for screenshot purposes). 
  • I had this same problem. I had my main data source and split it into two datasets, one for open and closed, with an additional date field. For Open tickets, I filtered out any that didn't have a closed date and for closed tickets the closed date needed to be populated. This way there will never be duplicates in your data.…
  • Hi swyatt, Are there any particular areas you're trying to map where this doesn't work? Could you provide a screenshot of how the card is setup? I've created the latitude/longitude map for the Chicago area below and it maps fine.