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  • ST-Superman-, Thanks for the reply, it got me to properly read the pop ups that show when I save the page filters or remove page filters. I had half read that the filters would change for all participant users. If you remove the page filters participant users cannot reinstate them. My bad!! David
  • OK, after some testing with my 28 million rows and adding a cross join to a dimension table the blow out table went to 340 million rows with no visible performance issues. even with 15 minute updates of the transaction table there have been no problems. I am now a Fusion convert!! Thanks to @GrantSmith , @jaeW_at_Onyx for…
  • @GrantSmith thanks for the reply. I am curious to know how Domo will handle this much data in a fusion with a cross join to a dimension table. I will be giving it a try today so fingers crossed!