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  • We have so many combinations that may not have previous row.. Inserting dummy row is not good idea.. Can domo scorecard just not consider change and only show Current or first value and show 0 change…
  • I think transfer of ownership on account is not possible... unless creating ticket with domo can do the magic and they can do it for me.
  • @MarkSnodgrass , I have one landing page with few link and images.. It is seen by production users.. I was asked to enhance this landing page.. I made copy and worked on enhancements. Now If I remove access from old landing page and give users access to new landing page, what about those users who bookmarked old landing…
  • Hi Mark , thanks for your valuable input.. Only comment I wanted to make was, when Page is given access to people and its prod.. I need to make some change in it. What will i do? I dont want to make changes and a version which is currently seen by production users... Also when you say "move them over to prod pages" , what…
  • Hi Mark, I was more on how I make sure that a page which has cards currently used productively is not interrupted, while i am trying to enhance layout of the page, fixing bugs or enhancing the CARDS. In short best method to setup dev/prod kind of environment.
  • Hi, Thank you for the reply... But question is what if there are some schedules and people subscribed alerts to that card, then what would you do in that case. Will we expect them to re-do alert subscriptions?
  • Thanks all.
  • Hello Mark, Thanks for the reply. But I think i was looking for something else.. By using color rules like show red if value is below x is simple as you said.. Here I am looking for way to show first bar ( Actuals ) red if it is less than 25 % of second bar ( Plans )