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  • @MarkSnodgrass this did it for me too, thanks!!! Once I put the Optional Group By and changed aggregation to Count it solved my problem. I only had 12 filter items (most recent 12 months, but it was text format instead of date format).
  • I like the thought - however it's giving me an error. I'm starting to think this conversation needs to be had oustide the Domo community because you were right the first time that it's doing the right thing and spitting out the leading zeros, Excel just doesn't like it. And of course my end users can't just use Domo, we…
  • Where should it go exactly? Example string: 100.804.6015.3601, LE.BA.CC.LC Some LE's are 054, 056 etc. While some LC's are 0001, or 0039. Attached screenshot is how I'm splitting them using LPAD(), previously I was just using the "Split Columns". Unfortunately the preview showed a row that didn't have the data to split,…
  • Thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx, my issues are more related to the exporting of the card to csv. I still tried the LPAD() function in Magic 2.0 but ended up with the same results - no leading zeros. I appreciate the help anyways, I still learned a new function that I'm sure will help in other areas.
  • They are in Notepad - but is there a way to prevent the extra step of having to go from Notepad to Excel?