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  • Thanks! Will send this in ideas/features section
  • Hey Brian, Thanks for taking time to check on my question. actually what we wanted to do is to subtract the results of (a/b) and (c/d) and then the result of the subtraction will be multiplied by e. It will be like ((a/b) - (c/d)) * e. I apologize for the confusion yesterday. can you help revising the code? thanks!
  • I will keep that in mind, thanks!
  • This is a good solution, thanks. My data looks like the below table, any ideas on how to do it with this data? I am currently using (CASE WHEN MONTH(`ordered_date`) IN (11,12,1) THEN AVG(`amount_total_in_usd`) * 12 ELSE 0 END) as my Y-axis MONTHNAME(`ordered_date`) as my X-axis (CASE when YEAR(`ordered_date`)= 2017 and…