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  • @clloyd01 Yeah, it's been working fairly okay for us. The issue is that the datasets take quite a long time to import. 8 - 10 hours for 250k rows. It also has a pretty low threshold for concurrent update requests. I had to space out all of our dataset updates throughout the day to prevent failures.
  • @Millhouse We've been noticing a ton of failures on the import of data from Outreach. I have four datasets in particular that have failed to import data for the last 5 days.
  • @Millhouse I think the connector is great in a lot of ways. I would like the addition of one more dataset though. If we could pull in the mailbox dataset, it would help me greatly in joining other datasets together. As of right now, I can't join mailings to users, so I can't accurately report on email volume by rep through…