• This worked for me below: httprequest.addParameter('grant_type', 'password'); httprequest.addParameter('username', user); httprequest.addParameter('password', pass); httprequest.addParameter('client_id', client_id); httprequest.addParameter('client_secret', client_secret); httprequest.addParameter('scope', 'read'); var res…
  • This issue is still unresolved and Domo hasn't gotten back to me yet. Just need the correct approach from Domo because their httprequest library does not work for this. It's hard to believe that Oauth2.0 is not supported though. 
  • Thank you so much for this debug info @woganmay Yes I've tried adding the header exactly as you mentioned above, and I also couldn't get it to work. I'll check with the Domo developer folks when they get back to me. Thanks again. Best, Adi