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  • Unfortunately, there is no other way to accomplish this unless you do all your calculations in SQL. However as you know, going that route will diable the ability to recalulate your metric on the fly as the card is manipulated by end users.
  • You can use the MySQL formula. You just have to save it as it's own field. So you could have a column for the raw number and another column for the formatted number. Then in the summary number you use the formatted column and use the raw number colun for therest of your card.
  • Can you let me know what you are trying to accomplish? The DOMO cardbuilder allows you to format numeric values as currency.
  • Hi, The MySQL Format function can format decimal fields to currency. FORMAT(1232454.2573,2) Result: 1,232,454.26 CONCAT('$', FORMAT(1232454.2573,2)) Result: $1,232,454.26 Test it and let me know if that works for you.
  • Regarding whether you can make one line solid and the other dashed, I that is not currently a possibility.
  • Thanks for sending the attachment. So if I understand you correctly, you want to put a data label on one of the lines in the chart to indicate that that line is measuring the data in 1000's. If that is the case, unfortunately data labels will not work. Any Datalabels Settings you configure will apply to both lines on the…
  • Hi, Which card type are you using to accomplish this? Also are you able to attach a screen shot of the card?