• @MichelleH No, it's a normal date field. Below you can find a couple of examples
  • @RobSomers yes, it's the same date field
  • @MichelleH Sure! For some reason I thought that I'd already included them at the top. Working Example The Filter Type that we're using
  • Hi @MichelleH, Thanks for the answer, but I already tried that with no luck. The default "No Data available" message appears on the rest of the cards and also on this one if I pick a different filter type.
  • Thanks for your answer @MarkSnodgrass ! I'll submit a ticket to the Ideas Exchange, but want you happen to know if there is a temporary approach/workaround I can follow? It's come to my knowledge that this "feature" I'm asking for can be achievable by using pfilters, although I'm not sure of it. Thanks again, Andres
  • Hi @ST_-Superman-_ thanks for your reply! The thing is that I'm embedding a Dashboard/page so users don't have that option (I'm not sure if it's possible to change it in the embed options but we don't want to redirect users/change the view). So I guess that I'll need to stick to Mega Tables. I tried looking for…
  • I have just realized that the topic name is wrong and that it shouldn't be in this subcategory. I have tried to delete but I can't find where I can do it.