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  • @MichelleH Yes, I've set the update method to Replace. Was trying to understand the behavior of workbench in case the dataset is deleted, while the job is scheduled.
  • If anyone wants to look into it, he can use this sample data Below is the screenshot of above sample data Highlighted percentages for respective month of August and September is correct. Problem comes only for subtotal calculation corresponding to empty fields. Red Underlined percentage in subtotal column is incorrect. It…
  • Okay thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx I was thinking the same, that data needs to be present in dataset so that I can do any computation on it.
  • Sorry for the typo. I meant, No there is no row of data in my dataset for August as you'll notice in the sample excel attached in my last comment.
  • I've prepared a sample data. After importing this sample data, I'm creating a pivot table like this Here, year_val and month_name are calculated fields. year_val: YEAR(`date`) month_name: MONTHNAME(`date`) Just wanted to know, if I can populate something in blank cells of count column, before I can start any computation on…
  • No, there is no row of data in my dataset.
  • @RobSomers I believe values are blank because for highlighted rows, data does not exist in August month in my dataset. I tried using case when `count` = '' then 'Blank' else 'Not Blank' end Even then, I get only one option in Filter (Not Blank)