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  • Hello Godiepi, I too have the same query, and I see in the dataset that there is a column called status, I believe it says if the ticket is closed or not, but it is coded in numbers, can you help me in finding out how to get a status column with ticket reloved, pending or closed items.
  • Create a beast mode calculation using concat() eg: concat('Q1',(case when quarter('date')=1 then 'value' else 0 end), 'vs', 'Q2', (case when quarter('date')=2 then 'value' else 0 end))
  • @jaeW_at_Onyx as i explained in the question already, forecast/quota for Q1,2,3,4 is 1M each and sales bring up revenue of 800k in first quarter then the difference 200k should be distributed to rest of the quarter's forecast/quota so Q2,3,4 forcast will be 1.066 M each Please see the formula which i used in question so…