• Thanks for the reply @Valiant. But unfortunately I don't think that applies to what I'm trying to do. I was looking for the ability to do this (a web snipet I recieved from a peer)
  • The workbench tranformation worked perfectly, the times are now synced correctly. One more question though. How do I get the output to display just the time, and not the date time? The system is automatically appending the current upload date to the field, so for today's import I have '2018-01-04 13:00:00' when I just need…
  • Thanks @ST_-Superman-_. I'm using DOMO Workbench to pull in data from Excel and did not see anywhere that I could use SQL statements. But, your suggestion did point me to a Transforms section which has, ironically enough, a Shift Data Timezone Transform. Thanks, I will give this a shot and see what the results are.
  • I am also looking for a solution to this. We have a dataset, let's call it DataSet_V1 that is updated sometimes at the HQ level. I have about 20 cards based on this dataset. When they move to DataSet_V2, I have to update each of my well as each of my drilldowns within each card. 
  • Thanks @AS. That link was exactly what I needed!
  • Thanks for the reply @AS. They are both in DOMO currently. Can you point me to a resource to learn how to use the dataflow to join them?
  • @RGranada That was it. Thank you!
  • Yes, both are data tables. I'm tracking, by name, the total times a person is seen performing an event. Basically if their name appears, then they are counted. I then want to sort descending by that number. If I can't sort as I am trying, is there a better way to do so?
  • It's a beast mode concatenation. I'm taking first, middle, and last name and making a full name column. But the odd thing is it's the same field in two different cards, reading off of the same dataset. As you can see in the screenshot, one allows for a 'count of' while the other does not.
  • Thank you for the feedback @RGranada. I am unfamiliar with data flows in this context and will have to look up the details to test.