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  • This is not something can be done right now but this is a great idea I have been wanting for a while. I thought this was on the idea exchange but could not find it. You should add it and I will vote for it and get others to vote for it as well. 
  • If your using Page Embed(In Beta Right now) the interaction filters should work like this. You can build a filter card and put it in your story and then filter the page using that card. You can even choose what cards that filter card interacts with. I have attached a picture of the filter card types. If your using just…
  • Using the TRUNC function has been the best solution in my experince for this. 
  • An acutall card that would allow this would be awesome. You can do this right now though using the DOMO App Desgin Studio in adobe illustrator. There is a widget that allows this. You then just connect it to a google sheet or excel sheet. It is pretty cool and easy. 
  • What I did to get it to work was kind of like Aaron suggested, I used SQL to create a new output table and rounded the calculation to the closest 2 decimals and that solved the issue. SELECT ROUND(sales_amt/trans_count,2) as fee, trans_count as Transactions, . . . . FROM Database;
  • Thnak you for your help and looking into my issue. On the Domo side I am summing the transactions. So I have that aggregation. It is like Domo doesn't recongize that those two $5 numbers are the same. I was thinking it could possibly be slighlty different like 10 decial places. I don't know if that is what it is but I know…
  • No I don't have any aggregations of any kind in my SELECT statement.