• @DaniBoy Any updates on this? I'm still dealing with this issue on the original card and now several others. Have checked that the measure is green, set to 'no aggregation', etc. but still numbers that lead with a smaller value are appearing before numbers that leader with a greater value. For example, 1359 is sorting…
  • Yup, still happening for me as well! I think it might be a bug because I tried everything above and nothing fixed it. Also it is happening on other cards with other variables. 
  • The first solution worked! Thanks for your help!
  • Hi Ricardo, This is the error message: The database reported a syntax error. Incorrect column name 'CASE WHEN `Venturer_Dist`< `Strategist_Dist` AND `Venturer_Dist`< `Operator_Dist` THEN 'Venturer' E' transform_data_3 is running smoothly! Thanks, Sarah