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  • Great idea. This will make content creator's life so much easier when they know what their user would see.
  • I think this is a great idea. I have seen other customers ask for this as well. Please consider this enhancement.
  • Hi Ollie, I am wondering whether you tried ranking the data immediately after CSV connector, before appending the same with the larger dataset? Since the data coming from the connector is small, it might be easier to get the ranking done and it is likely to work correctly. Thanks! Om
  • I would like to use stream API to upload large number of csv files coming at high frequency. The input csv files come with date_time appended to the file name, it means the input files will change but the dataset will remain same. If you have used stream API for similar need, i would appreicate if you could share your…
  • Hi, Did you get any feedback on your question? I have similar need where I want to automatically upload the data in append/replace mode using python. If you managed to solve this problem, i would greatly appreciate if you could share the same. Sorry, I am a bit new to Python and trying to figure out a way to make it work.…