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  • @jaeW_at_Onyx Thank you, will do :? I`ll mark this as closed now Thanks for the advice Nick
  • Just bumping, see if any news Nick
  • @TLarsen Hey Tanner, sorry I missed your message - they were differing kinds, however, your message promted me to try a differing approach and now it`s all sorted!!!!
  • hmm, i`d say no as I believe they only record logins, I`ve used a beast mode as other post, then either hit the license holder for why they`ve not logged in etc or I`ve been told that x/y/z has left business (I`m the admin) sorry i cant add anything other than this :(
  • ah, sorry my misunderstanding ? hmm, difficult one - i guess if the hr department don`t access/update Domo, then I guess maybe your admin would need to be notified to remove them from your instance? Edit: The data I believe is driven from usage, so Domo doesn`t have an inactive flag as it`s your companies data ? OR maybe…
  • Hey Guys We used a beast mode on the domo stats data source - DATEDIFF(max(`Last Login`),CURDATE()) - kind of like @Cartergan said. but that enabled us to hit the "inactive" users Nick
  • Hi Guys, Thanks you views and inputs @Ashleigh Thanks for you help - it was a user issue (me ? ) all resolved now ?
    in PDP Issue? Comment by Nick_ August 2019
  • @Ashleigh Thanks for the comeback - i`ve since removed the policy as was causing issues with other users (?) - i`ll look to recreate and screenshot for you 
    in PDP Issue? Comment by Nick_ July 2019
  • following up on this - yes it appears that that you can create customer roles, however, it seems not avaliable in our instance at present - have requested contact from one of the Domo Team ?
  • Thanks Godiepi Not sure if the custom role creation is in beta or if I need to contqact a csr - looks like i don`t have that option?
  • Thanks @ST_-Superman-_ have re-attempted, however, still no luck :( I`ve created an API Key, it lets me connect ,select the relevant data/schedule etc.I get to the point where it`s "loading" the data, and then the same error message appears
  • @ST_-Superman-_ thanks for the response, I`m not actually looking to edit the page owners, more of getting a view/ouput on who the owners are ( in the process of cleaning obosolete/outdated cards/pages) so I can contact them and get feedback on their pages/cards that they`ve created prior to removingthem ?
  • @cwolman Thank you for the pointer, looks to be what I need, however, looks like i`m running into some trouble ? I`ve created an access token via the admin page, but get the following message: "SyntaxError:Invalid JSON: <json>:1:0 Expected json literal but found j No subject…