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  • Works like a dream!!!! Thanks, Jennifer.
  • Hi ValiantSpur, "Help_request" and "Closed_by_merge" are from the same column called "Tags". Thanks, Jennifer.
  • Hi, Godiepi. I have a quick question: In General, we set Number of Lines to 2, is that means that the first two series will be line and the rest of them will be columns? Thank you very much for your quick response!
  • Hi Godiepi, Thanks for your quick response! However, in my card, I already have one line, If I drag this new calculation to the field, it becomes a column not a line, as you can see on the picture. What should I do now?
  • Hi Godiepi, to create a beastmode calculation with my goal values?? Could you please provide a step by step instruction.? Thank you.