• @jaeW_at_Onyx Thanks for the response! The granularity for a row on this particular dataset is the percentage of forecast calls for the day which are anticipated to come in at a particular hour. For example, 08/15/22 17:30 is 0.00002. However the forecast can change and 08/15/22 17:30 may change to 0.00012. I need to make…
  • Sorry, I didn't finish my thought! Will requiring a match between both the Date AND the Timestamp overcome that problem? I'm thinking it will but I'm brand new to DOMO, so would like some advice.
  • I may be oversimplifying but I had the same issue when I was building a recursive. Finally realized that I had to break the link between the Input DataSet and the Output DataSet BEFORE I dragged over the other Input DataSet which I would load with the Recursive Data Flow. It's worked perfectly since I started doing that.