• The credential is correct. I was able connect with certain saved search. But with saved search with ID like customsearch_aa_bb_cc, I'm not able to connect. I received error of saved search doesn't exist. Audience was set as Public. So I'm not sure what is the issue. What ID should I use in DOMO with search ID in that…
  • Thank you for your help
    in Waterfall Chart Comment by HGV May 2022
  • There is no filter being applied on the page and no blue box when I click on it
    in Waterfall Chart Comment by HGV May 2022
  • Same column was used in all chart Correction from original post, interaction was able in the waterfall chart. Below is the setting. Additional, I have other column & pie charts and they all filter fine except waterfall chart
    in Waterfall Chart Comment by HGV May 2022
  • would this allow automatic data update or only work for static dashboard?
  • I downloaded, relabeled the region to match location metric of the dataset. However, I tried to use on DOMO, the chart doesn't show the region correctly. It shows the whole map as world instead of US-TX when the mouse is hovered over Texas. This only occurs on DOMO, Texas state was relabeled as US-TX on InkSpace. Did I…
  • I'm not able to find a workable svg file of world map with all states and provinces. Where should I go to find one?