• I just got access to that beta and will be exploring it today. For now I copied the page and changed all the cards to "Previous Year." I had a single page that I used as a card library and then used Move/Copy to scatter the 20-30 visuals across several pages. This card library page is what I copied and pointed my users to.…
  • @Jarvis I accepted the solution of creating a second set of cards that show the previous year and using the "Linked Cards" section to allow users to go back and forth. I'm in the process of doing this now and will post again with feedback from users.
  • Clark, I forgot about linked cards. That's a good idea. It would mean doubling the number of cards but might be the best option until the new feature Valiant meantioned is released. I could probably pare down the number of last year cards too.
  • Valiant, That would be amazing. Will you be able to default it to a value? 'cause that would make my day and it's not even 8am yet.
  • First, thank you to those that responded. So we do have a Fiscal Year field already in the data. The issue I'm having is the page these cards live on is shared with over 200 people with varying degrees of data knowledge and Domo abality. Ideally I would be able to make the page flexable enough to show the current and…