• That worked! You're like a wizard Scott! I then made the beast mode like you said for the Total Risk & Opportunity bar and that worked too. Thanks alot!
  • Sure thing. The beastmode calculations are just there to say if it is a Risk then the output should be negative. Here are my beastmode calculations: MAS/DAS Prediction CASE when `Type`='Risk' then (`MS/DS Pred.` * -1) else `MS/DS Pred.` end FY18 CASE when `Type`='Risk' then (`FY 2018` * -1) else `FY 2018` end
  • Hey Scott, Thanks for the help! I tried what you gave me and it doesn't recognize the tables. I'm only using one data set (Risk_Opportunities) so I tried to use that instead since i know that table exists, but it still didn't work. I played around with what you gave me for a while, putting in different commands and…
  • I checked all the beast mode calculations and I didn't find anything where the data could have been updated. I re-created the card and it works fine now. Thank you