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  • Hi there! You would need to use the following beast mode calculation: SUM(Case When `Group Name` = 'Income' then `Value` End) - SUM(Case When `Group Name` = 'Expense' then `Value` End) Best, Joanna
  • Greetings! This is something that can be done, however, it requires support from Domo. If you would like to proceed, please reach directly out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE). Best, Joanna
  • Greetings! Usually, a beast mode will not show up in your summary number drop-down if it is not aggregating. Could you please share with me your beast mode calculation? Thanks, Joanna
  • Hello, You're correct in that there is only the Zoho CRM connector so you would need to please contact Domo Support to have them create a new connector for you. To reach them, you would go to and submit the request. Best, Joanna