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  • @GrantSmith Thank you, Grant! I have downloaded the brick, but DOMO is showing the message below.
  • Hello Michelle, @MichelleH It is working now 😀 Thank you so much! Best, Anna
  • Hello Michelle, @MichelleH It is not in my chart. My Y-Axis is category, X-Axis is sales, and SERIES is year. Thank you! Best, Anna
  • Hello Michelle, @MichelleH I left the condition blank, but the colour does not appear on my chart. Thank you! Best, Anna
  • Hello Michelle, @MichelleH The beast mode is shown as numeric, so in the colour settings, I have to put a number in the condition (as below). If I put a number in it, it won't be dynamic anymore. Please let me know if I understand you correctly. Thank you. Best, Anna
  • Hello Michelle, @MichelleH My Year 1 and Year 2 are variables, so they can be any value, but yes, I want my Year 1 always be red and Year 2 always in black. I checked the colour rule settings but don't see my variables listed there. Thank you! Best, Anna
  • Thank you, Michelle and Colemen. :) I have created the 'parameter filter' with variables. Now, I am facing another issue: the colours. Is it possible to automate the colour rules? For example, when someone uses 2021 to compare with 2019, all the 2021 data are marked as red and 2019 as black, and when someone uses 2022 to…
  • Hello Colemen, Thank you for taking my questions. Here is my example. I have three columns in my dataset: number of sales, profits, and year. I created profits per item (profits/sales) in beast mode. I have used the "multi-value columns" card to show my readers the differences between the two years (e.g. profits per item…