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  • Hi @AJ2020 ,@jaeW_at_Onyx and @GrantSmith , I did try to find a solution for the above posted problem and I was able to get it done using a HTML table. Below I am attaching a screenshot for the table card and beast mode using which I have created the card. Beast Mode for Graph Column : CONCAT( '<div> <div…
  • @Jawein Actually it was a client request. They wanted a power point presentation of all the cards from the dashboard and the table card was one of them, and when they found out that exporting in power point does not exports a scrollable table card they wanted us to find out a way to do it.
  • Using the plugin I can update the card, but the only problem I am facing now is, I have a table card which is scrollable and when I am exporting this card to powerpoint it only comes as a snapshot or as thumbnail of the card, I want this card to be scrollable even in the presentation also. How can I do this ?