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  • Second what Mark said. Also, for problem solving. I'd take a small sample of the ones that didn't join and compare them between the two tables. Will probably find what Mark said and there are some leading or trailing blank spaces or case sensitivity.
  • Thanks all. I haven't tried variable so I will run down that rabbit trail and see what I can come up with. Appreciate your help and insight. I think I need to understand variables before I can fully grasp the suggestions on how to work it. Thanks!
  • Thanks I have only done a recursive data flow once and I am not sure it worked 100%. Had wondered if that was the path I needed to go down, but will go down that road then. Follow-up question: I think one problem I might run into is the team right now is only imputing missing data. I would need somehow to push that data…
  • Now that I spelled it out like that... I wonder maybe since the one sheet is a single date and the other is multiple. Maybe I can/should take the one sheet and narrow it down with an ETL to the single date and then join the tables after that so it would only have to choose between two dates?
  • Morning Grant. Thanks for the reply. I have read quite a few other problems you have helped solve for folks that have helped me on other things. Appreciate you taking the time. Each unit would have a unique ID. But to complicate things more, one of the sheets would have a unique and only one status and the other sheet has…
  • I wonder if you might be able to help me out with the syntax? I don't have a lot of background with any type of coding so starting with a blank slate.
  • Well what in the world... I tried to do that same thing here a few times the other day and couldn't get it to work. I must have had some of the column names in the wrong places. But that worked perfectly. Thanks much!!
  • Yep from what I am seeing I bet that's exactly what it is. Thanks Michelle, super helpful!
  • Thanks Rob. That worked the first go round. I think I will play with a bit and try to add some other things just to get more familiar, but that really helped me over the hump. Jae - thanks for that. I didn't realize that about mySQL so if I do some learning I will head that direction. Thanks again!