• Hello Superman ( ), Thank you for this solution, I will adapt and test it to offer more periods because it was very important for me to give users the opportunity to change the observation period (yesterday, last month, last year etc) Have a good day !
  • Hello, I think you can do it using a formula like this (for current month) : COUNT(DISTINCT 'user_id')/COUNT(DISTINCT CASE WHEN YEAR(`your_date`) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE()) AND MONTH(`your_date`) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE()) THEN 'user_id') Maybe there is a easier solution but I think it will do the job !
  • Hi Rich, Thank you for your response. In fact, it's a forecast target which is calculated in the mid of the year (sometimes it appears in may, june etc, it's not a precise date). I've asked the question because in addition to DOMO we use Business Object (SAP) and it's possible to hide a chart when a given formula is true.…