• Thanks @blool1, creating a story helped, it looks much more like what I'm trying to achieve.
  • It sounds like the only option for scheduling a report with appropriate formatting and that is un-editable will require Domo Campaigns App. That's a bummer. I have sales figures for clients that rent our facility and we obviously cannot give them access to our system. Or reports for our board. csv won't work if it can be…
  • That's what I was afraid of. It looks like the export to excel doesn't allow for scheduling, nor does the excel output copy the formatting (or at least for me)... not much different than csv. If anyone out there has any thoughts on how to schedule a report as a pdf (or something similar), I'd love your advice.
  • Thanks @MarkSnodgrass
  • Or is it possible to tell the system that a column is NOT a timestamp but is a datetime field type?