• @MichelleH tell me about it! I have been using the Waterfall vertical bar chart, combined with a beast mode formula that calculates the variance to previous year. It does work but it's really a workaround with some bugs. Would love to see this so much; I have reached out to Domo Support to see if this idea went anywhere 😀
  • Hi @amehdad Thanks for following up. I took your advice and reached out to Domo Support who are looking into it. They also indicated that the behaviour was strange, so probably just a bug. I will advise if I hear anything else of interest to this forum. Cheers
  • Hi Amehdad, Thanks for your response. That setting is for the series labels but not for the total label. Also, I did try it and it didn't make a difference - the total label for the months with a negative series still appears at the bottom, strangely. Photo on left is original (note total labels in Feb and Jul 21 appearing…
  • thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx I appreciate what you've said, and no doubt appending rows is typically a more useful way to join datasets. Cheers
  • Unfortunately that wouldn’t work, because I need to show the three variances individually in the waterfall.
  • Hey Mark, that sounds like a good idea. How would I group the 3 beast mode calcs so that all could be shown in the waterfall? Are you able to provide a simple demo so I can get an idea, assuming the calcs are: calc 1: sum (1+1) calc 2: sum (2+2) calc 3: sum (3+3) Cheers
  • I should add that I’d like this to be dynamic so that filters can be set up to select individual or multiple business units and months.