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  • @mdm_sfo It sounds like you are referring to a writeback connector. You can select the output Dataset of your dataflow and input it into a writeback connector. Reach out to your CSM or a member of your accounts team to try the 30-day trial of the writeback connector. There is also Integration Studio that allows you to add…
  • That is painful! I too have learned this the hard way.
  • If you already haven't found a workaround. Domo has an option in the Governance toolkit called PDP Automation you can easily upload or reference a dataset to control your PDP. /admin/governance-toolkit/pdp-automation
  • were you able to pull data using that hostname. I saw that listed on I wasn't sure if that was to just to be able to execute tasks.
  • @Tsharma8724 It looks like it is a limitation of Zendesk API on results per query. A connector enhancement request from your accounts team would be required for Domo Engineering to build it out. You would need to adjust your query and run it on…
  • @mlee There is only one ElasticSeach connector. That's good you have a support case. Engineering will likely need your credentials to debug the connector. We typically only see issues with escape characters being used in password fields. The only thing I could think of is if there is an IP restriction on that server but if…
  • @mlee It would be a custom URL where your ElasticSearch is hosted, with a port number on the end of it. I've seen ones like these used in the past "" or ""
  • @Ashleigh You need to check the box "Show only groups I can manage" before it lets you bulk manage it and have the manage all groups grant ono your security role.