• I just figured out a solution to this issue. Not too long ago some new features rolled out and one of them is a tab on a transform that reads "Indexing". I went through my dataflow and put an index covering each column for each transform that is joined on in my final transform. Now I no longer get the "Whoops! Something…
  • If you run the SQL query used by the import in another sql deveoplment tool does it return data and how long does it take to complete? Can you post the query? Perhaps there is some type of circular join reference happening that isn't obvious.
  • Perhaps this would be a good time to use bit wise operators? Egg = 1 Chicken = 2 Fish = 4 Each selection would have its own unique value. Then every possible combination can have only one final value. So if the final value is 5 then you know they selected Egg(1) and Fish(4).
  • You can configure alerts on DataSets in the Domo Workbench. Under the specific DataSet Job go to the Notifications Tab and then check the box next to your user name. Enjoy! ?
  • You can do this in the Postgresql query before the data enters Domo using the "AT TIME ZONE" construct. Example: SELECT now() AT TIME ZONE 'EST'; SELECT MyDateTime AT TIME ZONE 'EST'; If you want to see it in action try it with another time zone to make sure it changes. SELECT now() AT TIME ZONE 'MST'; SELECT now() AT…