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  • @kensie_rowell I like the idea of tracking user and adding comments. But there is currently pretty extensive change long available (just hard to find and no user recorded or shown). If you click on the round arrow clock in top right of the edit screen you have details of what has changed. see attachments
  • @renee12345 this is actually a great use case for Partitioning in Magic. We current have it in beta. If you would be open to being part of the test. Contact your CSM and we can help.
  • @WorldWarHulk I have done this with similar data from Safegraph. You should be able to do this in a Magic ETL. First step is to use the Unpivot command. To get the data to be something like thins: Start Week, End Week, Dayof Week, Value With Day of Week being the column name Sunday to Saturday. Then you can do a formula to…
  • @WorldWarHulk it would depend on your data. but I bet you can link back to the original data.
  • @WorldWarHulk have you thought about creating a separate dataset with your date logic and then joining that back to the main table in a view. That is usually how I might approach it. I can provide an example if helpful.
  • We are working on an approach in product to swap variables in this manner. Not positive in timing. But stacking is a good option for now. You could probably do this virtually with dataset views as well if you did not want an extra ETL step.