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    You received 5 Likes. We like that.
    February 22
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    Answering questions is a great way to show your support for a community!
    February 14
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    Stuck was promoted to Yellow Belt.
    Congrats, you just upgraded your rank from a 'White Belt' to a 'Yellow Belt!' 🎉 As a reminder, the Dojo gamification system exemplifies the Karate belt upgrade system. Check out the new label next to your name 🕶

    Watch this video that's exclusive to yellow belt ranks only:

    The next rank is right in reach! To earn an 'Orange belt' (and a Door Dash gift card), increase your engagement with the community! Come back to ask questions, comment on discussions, react to posts, earn badges, or answer other user's questions. All these methods... and more will give you points to upgrade to the next belt.

    You earn a reputation on the community as you rank up! Domo rewards and special opportunities are given to our highest rank users. Keep coming back, the community needs you! 🥳
    February 10
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    No longer a one-hit wonder! It looks like you’re going places.
    February 8
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    Participated in the Gartner Peer Review survey 2022.
    February 7