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    Thanks for sticking with us for 6 years.
    March 24
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    March 20
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    Congrats, you just upgraded your rank from a 'Brown Belt' to a 'Red Belt!' 🔴 🎉 We're excited to invite you to Domopalooza -- ticket is on us! You also now have the ability to add new tag names to the community (see more details in the Super User board).

    As red can sometimes signify danger, in this case it's represents the fact that you are becoming more dangerous thanks to your skills 🏋️. SO dangerous that you are one belt away from seeing this label next to your name 🥷

    Keep doing what you've been doing well... our hint to you: badges and earning accepted answers are the FASTEST way to earn more points to get your black belt. Once you reach Black Belt, we are going to spoil you -- an embroidered black belt with your name on it, a VIP spotlight article on Dojo, black belt badge and more rewards. To put it simply, you don't want to miss out!

    You have a strong reputation on the community! Domo rewards and special opportunities are given to our highest rank users. Keep coming back, the community needs your dangerous knowledge! 🥳 🔴
    February 23