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    NewsomSolutions, Tomo, Gimli, Bulloko and BCorless were promoted to Green Belt.
    Congrats, you just upgraded your rank from an 'Orange Belt' to a 'Green Belt!' 🎉 🟢 We want you to treat yourself, so keep your eyes out for an Amazon gift card in your inbox within the week! Thank you for your contributions to the community.

    The Dojo gamification system is borrowed from Karate Belt levels 🥋. Green belts are awarded in Karate while students are getting the hang of things and refining their skills.

    The next belt is right in reach! To earn the 'Purple' rank (and an invite to our weekly super user meetings), increase your engagement with the community! Come back to ask questions, comment on discussions, react to posts, earn badges, or answer other user's questions. All these methods... and more will give you points to upgrade to the next belt.

    You earn a reputation on the community as you rank up! Domo rewards and special opportunities are given to our highest rank users. Keep coming back, the community needs you and your skills! 🥳
    March 1