How can we change data source behind the cards without loosing the calculations in cards?

I have a situation here, I created domo cards based on my development data source and now I would like to change the cards pointing to Production data source. When I did this for my other project I lost calculations behind all my cards. Is there anyway I can do this without loosing cards?




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  • quinnj
    quinnj Domo Employee
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    @snchilagani, as long as the column names are all the same, I don't believe you should lose any Beast Mode formulas set up for cards. In my experience, when you choose to "Switch Cards to Another DataSet", it checks if all the columns match between the datasets, and as long as they do, the Beast Modes are copied over.  Do let us know if that isn't the case and you are seeing Beast Modes deleted.


  • Hi - I am doing the same sort of thing - replacing test data sets with prod data sets.  I am duplicating the card, and then changing the data source.  If the field names are the same it should be pretty straightforward - but I did notice that you have to change the name of the calculated field because it doesn't seem to let you use the same calculation name on cards with different data sets.  


    I haven't tried it - I just re-created the calculation and gave it a new name. But you might try duplicating the card, renaming the calculations, then changing the data source.

  • Thank you for your reply. "Switch Cards to Another DataSet" works.