Can you use a Datafusion dataset in Magic ETL as an Input data source?

I am trying to join two tables and they will not produce any results in the Magic ETL, But the join works in the Datafusion.


Can we use the Datafusion as a Data input in the Magic ETL?

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  • quinnj
    quinnj Domo Employee
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    Currently it's not possible to have a DataFusion dataset as an input to Magic ETL. The reasoning, without getting to technical, is that a DataFusion is essentially only creating a view or "description" of how datasets should be joined, without actually running any calculations or physically creating a new dataset. When a card is built on a DataFusion dataset, the data is then calculated "on the fly" or as needed. Because no physical dataset is created, it can't be an input to Magic ETL or DataFlows. There is potential to make this work in the future (i.e. being able to say, "create an actual new dataset from this datafusion"), but nothing like that currently.