Can't Graph by Month

I've merged two tables and used the following formula to make sure the date doesn't get converted to String

The two tables joined successfully. But My chart doesn't let me Graph By - Month

The Table format still shows as 'String' under the Date columns.

What can I do maintain the dates as 'Date' format so that I can Group them by 'Month' in Charts.

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    @SaloniShah A couple things to point out here:

    Your x-axis is not being recognized as a date field. When it isn't a date field, Domo will not let you use the "graph by" option in the date range filter.

    I see your x-axis field is "created date", but your formula in your ETL screenshot is creating a field called "AggregateDate". Have you tried putting the "AggregateDate" field in your x-axis?

    A quick way I often convert a field to a date data type in the formula editor is to wrap the DATE() function around it. Such as, DATE(`AggregateDate`) . This will convert it to a date field, assuming the field has all valid dates.

    Hope this helps.

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