Beast mode to show only one month

Have a dataset for fire drills we have several locations that run them every month i want to create a beast mode to only show me one month so i can duplicate it for each month to show one column per month to see who didn't run their drills month to month this is what i have but it is not working i will show you an idea of how i want it to look any help is appreciated

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Did you copy and paste what I gave you? My formula validates

    Your latest examples have multiple errors with missing an END statement and incorrect quotes. Try just copying and pasting what I gave you the first time.

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  • You can re-write your beast mode like this to make it work

    (CASE when `Date` >= '1/1/2022' AND `Date` <= '1/31/2022' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

    As currently, constructed, you will have to go back into this card once 2023 and update it. You may want to think about using the MONTH() function to determine the month and then use the date range filter to only show the last 12 months or so. This would keep you from having to regularly update the card.

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  • its not working i keep getting "invalid formula this calculation contained a syntax error

    i thought it might be the way the data is in the data set as it comes over as Jan 1, 2022 so i changed it to that but still getting the error

    (CASE when `Date` >= "Jan 1, 2022' AND `Date' <= 'Jan 31, 2022' Then 1 ELSE 0)

     and tried

    (CASE when `Date` >= "1/1/2022' AND `Date' <= '1/31/2022' Then 1 ELSE 0)

  • Just use a pivot table card and put YearMonth (might need a beast mode) on the Columns axis and Locations on the X axis and make your metric the count

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  • MarkSnodgrass it did work but not the way i had hoped my fault not yours think i know what i need to do to get it work thank you so much everyone for your assistance

  • ok let me try to explain it this way i want one beast mode to show me only January entries, one beast mode to show me only February one for March excreta, so i will have 12 beast modes to have each of them as columns so we have a quick view of which locations have completed the drills each of those months

    the above worked but each location had multiple rows with 0 because it pulled the entire year so far instead of only looking at January

    I'm sorry thank you all for your help