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I am currently working with a dataset with text values that I want to count and get the percent total. 


I can do the count since Domo allows you to count text values, but I can't do the % total. I wanted to include another column that would give the sum of the count, then I would be able to do the % total.


I tried SUM(COUNT('typename') as well as 'typename'/ COUNT('typename') and none of those gave me the results I need. 


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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @Shumilex 


    You'll want to utilize a windowing function to calculate the sum for each partition / typename and then divide that by the sum of the entire dataset.



    SUM(SUM(1)) OVER (PARTITION BY `typename`) / SUM(SUM(1)) OVER ()


    If you don't have windowing functions enabled you'll need to talk with your CSM to get that feature switched on.


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