Trying to filter records, but something is going wrong

Hi there,


I have a single dataset. I am trying to filter records based on 3 criteria. For example, I would like the row to be included in the resulting data is column A = 7, or column B = 7, or column C is not null.


I have tried a single filter, including the three above conditions and set the rules to "any" (not "all"). All I get are the column C rows.


I have tried three single filters, one for each condition, and have tried to Append Rows them all together. When I Append Rows for filters A (48 rows) and B (45 rows), it works (93 rows). When I append all three, or when I append A+B to C with two separate appends, I get C's 100 rows, but not A's and B's.


Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?




Best Answer

  • Nevermind. After stumbling across some other posts using different search terms, I've come to realise that ETL preview data is limited to 100 rows. ?