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I posted this in the card building section about a week ago seeing if anyone had a solution, but it looks like a lot of people come across the same issue so I thought it would be fitting to put it in here. 


There are some table cards that have enough columns and rows to limit the number shown in a story dashboard. It would be helpful to have the ability to scroll through the columns and rows while in the dashboard view so the user does not need to open the card in a new page. 

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  • Definitely need this functionality, not sure why it wasn't included from the beginning.

  • Hi @Cartergan  -

    This is a great suggestion, and I can say that you aren’t the only one that has requested something similar. We recently released some enhancements to beta that allow tables to be scrollable from the page level without going into the card details. There are a couple of new table types that support this, including pivot tables. In addition to being able to scroll vertically and horizontally from the page level, there are a ton of other features that allow you to group, sort, and collapse/expand content across multiple dimensions on the fly.


    For anyone interested in joining this beta, send a note to [email protected] to request access.




    Josh Millheim

    Product Manager

  • Cartergan
    Cartergan Contributor

    @Millhouse - is there any word on wether or not a scroll feature will be added for normal table cards? For a lot of situations pivot/sumo cards do not have the look and feel that are appropriate when compairing to a normal table card. With the implementation of dashboards, I would really like to include these table cards and allow for users to scroll down or across so they don't need to open this card in a new tab/window. It's a feature the pivot card does have so I feel normal table cards should have it as well. 


  • Absolutely  needed

  • I also absolutely need this!

  • Mega Tables is going well, however, they lag a lot and can slow down an entire page considerably. I understand there is a lot going on to power these...however, at least for us, all we need is a scroll feature. Being able to sort on every column and pivot and what not is all nice, but not a requirement. However, if we want to scroll, we are forced to use Mega Tables, which has the lag drawback. 


    It would be incredible if the basic table card was updated to have just scroll capabilities when using Stories view. 


    (Also, a table card "looks" better than the Mega or Pivot tables, imo. Looks a bit more traditional and clean). 

  • @Cartergan have you had performance issues with the pivot or mega table cards? We have one on a dashboard with an underlying dataset of 24k rows (the maximum allowed is 25k). 


    The entire page lags and takes about 10-15 seconds to be able to scroll. 

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