Using Latest Batch ID or Batch date

I have seen complicated ways to just use the latest data within a dataset - and I couldnt understand how to set them up.  


does anyone have a simple way to just use the last batch data?


Currently I am just filtering to BATCH_ID Greater or equal to and entering latest number, obviously when the batches run I then have a few figures listed and manually change the lastest number again, that way I dont loose the old data but can see when a new batch has run.



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  • DDalt
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    I never got a notification that you responded! Bummer!


    Okay, I have added a few more points in bold for what will hopefully make it more clear.


    When you read the steps I outlined, go ahead and type out the SQL statements manually instead of copying and pasting from the Word document.


    I have shown where if you start typing the input data set name, DOMO will suggest an option with a green icon. I hope this helps!


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi there,


    Assuming your Batch Id is a numeric value you could use a beast mode that might look like 


    MAX(`Batch ID`)

    Change 'Batch ID' for the name of your actual column


    And then in your card place that beast mode you've created as a filter. There is a list of supported beast modes and their functions here.




  • Hi, Unfortunately this does not work. I have a running figure of about 100 every batch run.  If I put the card table columns as the 'MFA required' and this filter, the data I get is - a total of all 'MFA required' batches and the Max batch number.  I am trying to just show the last figure (which is currently 115). I am currently having to seperate by batch last run date and time but also add a filter of batch ID >

  • Am I correct in assuming that your original data set is updating using the "Append" method? If yes, I think we can get you what you need with a SQL data flow.


    I have attached a Word document with an example that I hope will help you get the data you need.


    Let us know if this works or if you need a little more tailored solution

  • I have tried to create one of these but is doesnt seem to recognise my dataset name!


    This displays as "InfoSec O365 MFA Summary" and also when selected shows as "infosec_o365_mfa_summary"


    I have tried both and neither are recognised in the SQL statements



  • t thanks, That worked ?


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