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With the new story telling dashboard, it is great to have filter cards.  However, is it possible to make search function available?   In the previous page filter, user can search for what they want to filter.  For example, I have a filter for YouTube videos.  It is a long list, the page filter allow me to type in a word to look for the video names. But using the filter card, I need to find it by scrolling left and right.  Not very convenient. 


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  • Agreed! A searchable drop-down filter card would be great!

  • I have a "Story Telling Dashboard" which i am using to leverage the "Card Interaction Settings"/"Apply to all cards on dashboard".


    On this dashboard i have 2 table cards, one is for header data, the other is for Line data.  I'd like to be able to type in a document number in a filter on the dashboard (One that would behave like the classic 'Page Filters'). 


    I have 6,000 or so document numbers, and a drop down with a free text area to type the number would be very helpful.


    There isn't currently a card type that supports that sort of option which can be used on a "Story Telling Dashboard".



  • Something that I am struggling with also, with nearly 3,000 project numbers to filter in, having a drop down is just not viable! Would love to if anyone has found a workaround

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    Absolutely agree. There shuold be a filter option with dropdown and Search. 


  • +1, would be incredibly helpful and we would immediately feel the value. 

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