Add Field Descriptions and Tags to the Domo Governance Datasets

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I noticed that when looking at the schema for a particular dataset, there is an option to define each field with a description and tag.  I would like the ability to view these fields from a Domo Governance Dataset so that I can create a table card that can be used as a sort of data dictionary for all of the fields in Domo.



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  • @ST_-Superman-_  Hi, I was wondering where you found these? I am trying to get access to this in my instance. I looked in the Appstore but nothing popped up. 

  • @Ashleigh - Interesting.  It appears that this has been removed from the appstore.


    @DaniBoy - any ideas if this dataset is still available in the app store?  I wasn't able to find it either.

    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman
  • @Ashleigh @ST_-Superman-_ 

    If you go to add a dataset through the cloud app connector and search "domo governance", it will appear.  Dataset Schema is still listed as a report type.

  • @AnnK  Thanks!!

  • For some reason it actually appears in the appstore now, you just have to go to the connectors tab. 

  • We now have the Dataset Schemas with Tags governance dataset which displays the columns, their descriptions and tags on those columns. This could probably be marked as implemented.

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