The number of views of a page

We have created several dashboards and I'm wondering how we can see the number of views, by day or by week, for that dashboard/page?  

When I go into the activity log of the admin tool I can filter for the page object but the small cards on top of that page do not filter accordingly.  So, I can see all of the views and activity but not specifically for the one page I am interested in.  How can I pull data to see that activity or views for that one page?

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  • AnnK
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    Sorry about the faulty links there.  If you go to add a new dataset and click on cloud app.  That will then bring you to the connectors page.  Search for DomoStats and you should see an icon with a db stack and a heart.  


    If you go to the appstore and search DomoStats - Activity log, that free plug in should show up for you.


  • There is a connector called DomoStats that has an in depth version of the activity log.  You could then filter based on "Action" and object to Page.  


    There is also a free app from domo that has some page view information, DomoStats - Activity Log.

  • Both of these sound good but I couldn't get either link to work.  Got an ERROR 404 PAGE UNAVAILABLE message.

    Do you know how to find these plug-ins?

  • Great.  Thanks for the clairification.  That seems to work fine.  Thanks for the help.