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I need to show a value along with text in the summary number.  I know this can be done by concatnating but for some reason I can't get the value to show as a summary number.  This is what I need:

Show a count of distinct records (which is 10,232) and then add some text.  The issue is when I concatnate the count(distinct records) and add the text, I loose the comma.  So, I'd like to take the first two digits here (10) concatnate a ',' and then add the last three digits (232) and then add my text.  Is this possible to do?  Any suggestions?

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    This may get tricky if you just need to have the thousand seperator in your text.  But since the 10232 is a string (post concat) you could maybe do something like


    (case when length(10232field) > 3 then


    else 10232field


    , 'blah blah blah'



    I haven't tested this, but the reverse should allow you to insert the comma after the 3 digits...the case is there in case your count is below 1k.  If you a count over a may need to add some logic for that too.


    Late at night so be cautious of my syntax or logic.  ?




  • This worked out great.  Thank you for the suggestions here.  I did change it a bit, did not use the 'reverse' but got it to work based on your input.  This is what worked:


    CONCAT(SUBSTRING(CONCAT(`10232field`,' '),1,2),',',SUBSTRING(CONCAT(`10232field`,' '),3,3))


    Since my number is not really changing I was able to avoid the CASE WHEN logic to where the number grew, otherwise I would just have to add that.

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